Benefits of Carrots
and Carrot Recipes!

Benefits of carrots for the body, skin and hair!  Carrots are a power food!  They contain a good source of vitamins and minerals.  They are an excellent source of fiber.  Carrot recipes!
Benefits of carrot juice!  Carrot juice is an antioxidant drink.  Juicing recipes!

Discover benefits of carrots!  Carrots are a power food! This crunchy root vegetable is usually orange in color. Eat carrots raw or cook them in delicious carrot recipes.  Juice carrots in delicious juicing recipes.  Carrots contain a good source of vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent source of fiber.  Carrots have benefits for the body, skin and hair.  Discover tips and homemade carrot recipes!

Discover benefits of carrots for the body, skin and hair!  Carrot recipes!

Improve Vision
Flush Out Toxins
Improve Circulation
Helps Prevent Stroke
Boost Immune System
Protect Teeth and Gums
Reduce Risk of Heart Disease


Keeps Eyes, Skin & Mucous Membranes Moist
Guards Against Bacterial and Parasitic Infections
Helps Fade Age Spots, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Aids eczema, acne, dry skin, psoriasis

VITAMIN C - (Rich in Carrots)
Block UV Rays
Revitalize Skin
Heal Sunburns
Promote Skin Elasticity
Improve Uneven Skin Tone
Promote Collagen Production
Helps Get Rid of Blackheads or Acne
Promote Smooth, Soft & Supple Skin

Reduce appearance of discolorations, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, scars. Prevent sunburns and UV damage. Moisturize skin.

VITAMIN K - (Low in Carrots)
Reduce bruises, broken capillaries, dark circles, spider veins, discoloration, mottled pigmentation and puffiness under eyes.


Carrots contain antioxidants!  Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage skin overtime. Antioxidants can boost immune system, assist in skin repair, strengthen blood vessels, reverse skin discolorations, reduce wrinkles and protect against sun damage.


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Discover benefits of carrot juice!  Carrots contain a good source of vitamins and minerals.  They are an excellent source of fiber.  Carrot recipes!

Make a delicious carrot juice.  Juice carrots alone or add your own fruits and vegetables to enhance the flavor.  The body will not absorb more than 8 oz. of carrot juice.  Carrot juice has natural sugars.  CAUTION!  Drinking too much carrot juice can temporarily turn your complexion a yellow-orange color.

Immune Boosting Juice Recipe
Other Delicious Carrot Recipes

Discover benefits of carrots for hair.  Tips and carrot recipes!


Add Shine
Fight Hair Loss
Stimulate Growth
Nourish Hair and Scalp 

Discover benefits of carrot juice for the body, skin and hair.  Carrot recipes!
Discover benefits of carrots for the body, skin and hair.  This homemade carrot face mask improves skin complexion.  Carrot recipes!


#1: My Delicious Homemade Juice Recipe:  Combine carrots, spinach, apples, cucumber and oranges.  I think it's yummy!

#2: Homemade Face Mask Recipe:  Cook 2 - 3 carrots. Cool. Mash into smooth consistency. Add 4 1/2 tablespoons of honey. Gently apply to face. Leave on approx. 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Gently pat dry. Moisturize, Tone, Protect Skin from Sun Damage.
#3: A therapeutic grade of Carrot Seed Oil is used for aromatherapy.  Its earthy scent combats stress and exhaustion. 

CAUTION!  Essential oils are potent! They must always be diluted in carrier oil, soap, lotion or other buffering agent.  Never use them straight. Never use essential oils without knowing what their bioactive compounds can do. Pregnant women and epileptics should avoid using carrot seed oil.

Discover benefits of carrots for the body, skin and hair.  Carrot juice is used in a homemade soap recipe.  Soap making tips and carrot recipes.


#1 - Homemade Soap Recipe Tip:  Blend carrot juice in place of water at a 1:1 ratio in your homemade soap recipes.  Your homemade soap will have a fresh, beautiful, orange color.  Blend carrot juice, comfrey and goat milk for a nice homemade soap.

# 2 - Carrot seed oil is one of the most used oils to improve and balance complexion.  It's extracted, by steam distillation, from the dried seeds of the carrot plant.  Carrot seed oil blends well with: cedarwood, frankincense, geranium, lavender, rosewood and spicy essential oils. For extended life store it in a dark, glass, jar in a cool and dry place. It can last for 2 to 3 years! A few drops in your soap recipe is plenty. 

Looking for other tips and homemade soap recipes? Find them now!


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