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Read top rated artcles!  Health tips for people and pets!  Dairy farming!  How to make soap!  Homemade recipes!  Juicing recipes!  Grilling recipes!  Snack recipes!  Etc.....

Read top rated articles to keep up with the latest information!  Discover health tips for people and pets!  This website has diverse topics from natural ways to be healthy to raising dairy goats, to how to make soap and so on.  You'll find various topics here!

Currently, I'm a platinum published author.  The widget below shows what I've written about various topics:  how to make soap, natural ways to have healthy skin, hair and scalp conditions, pet care, homemade recipes and more!  You can click on whichever topic you'd like to read.  If you fill out the small blue square, you'll automatically receive my most recent published work for FREE!

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Read top rated articles!  Raising goats, goat care and dairy farming!
Read top rated articles!  Raising goats, goat care and dairy farming.
Read top rated artcles from the Alabama Cooperative Farming News!  Robert Spencer talks about dairy farming, raising goats and goat care.

(Goat Care and Raising Goats)

Robert Spencer, of Spencer's Farm, talks about dairy farming and raising goats.  You'll find his written work under "For What It's Worth" titles. 

Alabama Cooperative Farming News
"For What It's Worth In Praise of Dairy Goats" 

Other Robert Spencer Articles at Cooperative Farming News

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WebMd has great tips for fitness and exercise!

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Joe Cross shares the health benefits of juicing and juicing recipes!
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(Homemade Recipes)

Snack Recipes 
Grilling Recipes 
Smoothie Recipes  
Vegetable Soup Recipes 
All Time Favorite Desserts 
Health Benefits of Juicing and Juicing Recipes  

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