All About Alpine Goats!

All about Alpine goats!  These goat breeds are lovable companions.  Interested in raising goats?  Learn all about goat care!  Find cute Alpine baby goats!


These goat breeds originated in the Alps. The terms “French-Alpine” and “Alpine” goats are used synonymously. Know the basics of goat care for happy and healthy animals. Raising goats can be challenging but it's well worth it!


The male and female goats are mostly short-haired. The males, (bucks), show a long-haired beard with long hair usually along its spine too. Both sexes have a straight face with medium sized and fine textured ears.

Alpine goats are tall, angular bony goat breeds. They have superior agility and a perfect sense of balance. They are very instinctive on a trail.

Alpines can thrive in most any climate. Just make sure they have room to roam and plenty of food and water, available.

Baby goats are cute!  Alpine goats are nice companions.  These goat breeds produce high volumes of milk!  Interested in raising goats?  Learn all about goat care.


Baby goats are fun! This baby Alpine love to play "Peek a Boo!” Alpines can be fun, cute and lovable pets. These goat breeds enjoy the companionship of people and other goats. They're hearty, curious, friendly and adaptable animals. They have good memories, can be easily trained and bond with their owners.


Alpine dairy goats produce high volumes of milk. They put most of their energy reserves into milk production. They're amazingly productive.


COU BLANC (coo blanc) - literally means "white neck". White front quarters & black hindquarters with black or gray markings on the head.

COU CLAIR (coo clair) - literally means "clear neck". Front quarters are tan, saffron, off-white or shades of gray with black hindquarters.

COU NOIR (coo nwah) - literally means "black neck". Black front quarters & white hindquarters.

SUNDGAU (sundgow) - black with white markings found various places such as underbody, facial stripes, etc...

PIED - spotted or mottled.

CHAMOISEE (shamwahzay) - brown or bay characteristics. Markings are black face, dorsal stripe feet and legs and sometimes a martingale running over the withers and down to the chest. Spelling for male is "Chamoise".

TWO-TONE CHAMOISEE - light front quarters with brown or gray hindquarters. This is not a cou blanc or cou clair. as these terms are reserved for animals with black hindquarters.

BROKEN CHAMOISEE - a solid chamoisee broken with another color by being banded or splashed, etc.

Alpines don't have a distinct color but range in colors from pure white to varying shades of gray, brown, black, red, buff and fawn. Variations in the above patterns broken with white, are "broken" cou blanc.

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