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Welcome!  Learn all about us!  My name is Susan.  I own, create and design this website.  Find a wealth of information with fun activities for kids and adults!

I have a strong passion for helping others.  From childhood, my parents instilled great work ethics and a positive attitude.  I worked hard went to school, graduated with a college degree and married a sweetheart of a man.  My husband supports all my endeavors.  He fixes technical glitches I encounter throughout a day.

Learn how to make soap!  Goat milk soap is nourishing for skin!

Why natural goat milk soap?  I’ve taken, master’s level, medical school courses, at a reputable university.  I understand some facets about staying healthy.  I know that skin is the largest organ of the body. The foods and drinks you ingest affect your health and so do skin care products!  Skin care products contain ingredients that penetrate the layers of the skin.  The chemicals in the products end up inside of you!  Many commercial products contribute to poor skin, hair and scalp conditions due to harsh ingredients.  I had to spread the word of how to have healthy skin, hair and scalp conditions with natural products.  I will teach you about certain "manufactured" ingredients you may want to avoid, so you can be on the road to better health, naturally, inside and out!

You'll find lots of natural health tips at this website.  Discover foods, tips and homemade recipes that contribute to good health, inside and out.

Learn how to make soap!  Find soap making tips, soap supplies, soap making equipment, essential oils, homemade soap recipes, homemade skin care tips and much more!


Sydne Spencer is a genius when making homemade soap!  Learn how to make soap, now!

I had a friend, Sydne Spencer.  She was a genius when it came to making homemade soap and lotion!  She was respected and known around the world.

Sydne had degrees in BOTH biology and chemistry.  She started making soap back in 1999.  She taught soap and lotion making classes since 2001.  These classes were held at various locations:  Spencer's Farm, workshops, schools, community events, etc..  She was a member of the ASCA, (Alabama Soap and Candle Makers Association).  She "specialized" in making goat milk soap and goat milk lotion. In today's world, almost nobody does that exclusively.

Sydne and I decided to work together.  This website,
www.natural-goat-milk-soap.com, was created on April 23, 2008.

Sydne recently passed away on December 14, 2016.  She will be missed greatly by family, friends and colleagues.

Susan Katchur, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

To spread the word, I’m now an established, platinum level, author at https://www.ezinearticles.com.

Read my articles online and subscribe to them, if you’d like.  You’ll find healthful, natural, skin care information among other various topics.

Find printable coloring pages!  Learn all about us!  Discover lots of fun activities for kids and adults!


Anyone who truly knows me, knows I like to have fun!  I love kids!  After all, I have a B.S. degree in Elementary Education too.  I've incorporated fun activities at this website.  Find printable crossword puzzles, free coloring sheets, fun trivia questions (with answers), soap science experiments for kids and adults and other fun activities.

SPENCER'S FARM FACTS: Are you looking for facts about us?

Robert Spencer, (Sydne's husband), owned Spencer’s Farm. You can take a quick tour of this Tennessee farm by watching this video. 

Spencer’s Farm was located in a tiny community of Taft, Tennessee. There was 20 acres of land with a variety of goats. This 20 acre farm is surrounded by creeks, and woods. 

The Saanen and Alpine goats were tall and angular.  They put most of their energy reserves into milk production.  They're productive bony breeds.

Besides Saanen and Alpine goats, there were 2 dozen chickens to have fresh eggs. There were 3 guard dogs, on the farm, to protect the animals.  Livestock guardian dogs are amazing animals.  They were raised with goats from puppy hood.  They cared for them as part of the family.


Life has changed at Spencer's Farm since December 14, 2016.  The unexpected passing of Sydne Spencer left family, friends and colleagues very saddened.  She will be missed greatly.  Robert Spencer, (Sydne's husband), sold Spencer's Farm and moved to a different location.  We wish Robert well in his future endeavors.

I hope you've learned more about us.  Browse through this website at your leisure.  I hope you visit often!

Thank you!

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