How to Make Soap!

Learn how to make soap!  Find hot and cold soap processing tips!  Discover soap making supplies and follow soap recipes!  Get started making soap!

Learn how to make soap! 

Natural goat milk soap differs from manufactured soaps on the market. Stop using soap with harsh, manufactured, chemicals!  Instead, use a mild and gentle homemade soap, filled with fresh goats milk and natural ingredients. 

Goats milk has benefits for the body, skin, hair and scalp!  It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K!  Goats milk soap is, naturally, moisturizing.  It can be handcrafted in a variety of shapes and scents.  Some soaps are made unscented, with no added fragrance at all.  Making soap can be fun! Follow tips, procedures and soap recipes, from a master soap maker! Save time, money and energy!  Goat milk soap is nourishing for the skin, hair and scalp!  Get started making soap, today!

This DVD is PACKED with soap making information!  It's over one hour in length!  Learn hot process, cold process and re-batch soap making methods.  Watch homemade soap form before your eyes!

Discover the best soap making supplies, step-by-step procedures, safety precautions and other soap making tips!  Follow proven soap recipes!

Format:  NTSC 
Language:  English

--  DVD (1st disc - soap making methods)

--  PDF File (on 2nd disc) includes: 

Booklet, Soap Recipes, Manual Lye Calculator and Professional Resources



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