Easter Coloring Pages!
Fun Activities for Kids and Adults!

Easter coloring pages are fun activities for kids!  These free coloring sheets are original and printable!   Find other activities including tips for decorating Easter eggs!

Find original and printable, FREE, Easter coloring pages!  Using colored pencils, crayons and markers are fun activities for kids of all ages!

These printable free coloring sheets are original. Artist, Susan Katchur, designed these cool images for this website.  You won’t find these Easter coloring pages anywhere else!

This website is a fun, educational and informational site for kids and adults.  So, I've dedicated an entire section, just for free coloring sheets! Use them as: fun party decorations, hang them around the house, frame them, give as gifts and more!  Kids can be proud of their colorful creation!  Art images can be costly.  So in exchange, please "Like" us in Facebook.   Thanks!  :-)

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Basket of Eggs

Color and decorate Easter eggs and basket.  For added decoration cut out and glue sequence, beads or other sparkly items.  Frame, hang on wall or give as gift. 

Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are pretty flowers.  Cut them out and frame them after coloring.  Give a bouquet of flowers.

Easter Bunny Hopping

Easter bunny coloring pages are fun activities for kids! This Easter bunny is hopping with a basket full of eggs.  Be creative!  Add glitter, beads, ribbons, or other decorations to eggs!

Easter Cross

Some remember Easter with an Easter cross.  Frame, hang on wall or give as a, memorable, gift. 

These FREE coloring sheets are for visitors to this website, just like you!

Can you answer Easter trivia questions?  Find other fun activities including Easter coloring pages and tips for decorating Easter eggs!
Find tips for decorating Easter eggs and other fun activities for kids and adults!



-- 90 million chocolate bunnies are made annually.
-- 16 billion jelly beans are produced in USA annually.
-- 76% of Americans eat the ears of chocolate bunnies first.
-- Cherry is the most popular flavor of jelly beans among kids.
-- The white trumpet lily symbolizes grace, purity and virtue.
-- The largest decorated Easter egg measured more than 48 feet long and 27 feet in diameter.  Made in Alcochete, Portugal in 2008.
-- The Guinness Book of World Records states the largest Easter egg ever made weighed 8,968 pounds of dark chocolate and marshmallow.  It was unveiled in Cortenuova, Italy in 2011.


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